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Waistcoats and Coats are items that give any Uniform or outfit

a sophisticated, polished and finished look.

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Our consultant will gladly help you to chose a waistcoat/coat suiting your requirements & budget

(colour, colour combination, material and branding).

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Waistcoats - Bodywamers - Sleeveless Jackets

Waistcoat, Waist coat Coats are items that give any Suit, Uniform or outfit a sophisticated, polished and finished look.

Available in many colours and fabrics

Waistcoats Men's 5 Button

Formal - Uniform - Men's Waistcoats Waistcoats Mens Men's Formal
Custom made - Waistcoats, Waist coats - Fully lined Satin Waistcoat and matching Ties! Waistcoats Ties Satin
Formal - Uniform - Ladies Waistcoats Waistcoats Ladies Formal
Children's Kids Waistcoats Bodywarmers Waistcoats Bodywarmers Children's Kids
Tapestry Boho Waistcoats - Ladies Men's Children's Kids Waistcoats Ladies Men's Mens Children's Childrens Kids Tapestry
Heavy duty Poly Cotton Twill Waistcoats. Perfect for anyone who needs plenty of stuff on board at all times. The Waistcoat has plenty zipped and unzipped pockets. Its extreme durability makes it the perfect key item for any Crew. Embroidered with your Logo this super practical Waistcoat compliments any pair of Jeans/Trouser, Jersey/Shirt or T Shirt.

Waistcoats Sleeveless Jackets Cotton

Faux Shearling (artificial fur lined suede) / Bonded Fleece - Waistcoat - Waist coat - No other Waistcoat combines comfort, practicality, versatility and luxurious appearance like a Shearling/faux Shearling Waistcoat Waistcoats Bodywarmers Sleeveless Jackets - Faux Sherling
Custom made, Ladies Waistcoats - Mens Waistcoats & Children's Kids Waistcoats (Body warmers) Waistcoats custom made

Coats - Swing Coats - Capes - Cloaks

Ladies Classic Coats - Swing Coats - A great Coat to make your Uniform exceptional!

Looks good on most Body shapes sizes !

Ladies Classic Swing CoatsLadies Coats  3/4   Long Coat
Light Medium and Heavy weight Men's Classic Midi & Maxi Coats Men's Coats

Short (mid thigh) 3/4 (knee length) - Full length - Coats - Imitation leather (as illustrated) or fabric of your choice.

This Coat style suits most body shapes and sizes.

Coats Mini Midi Maxi Coats

Cape - Cloak - Celtic Cape.

The classic Cape suits all Body shapes and sizes.

Your fabric, lining, embellishment, embroidery, borders, ribbons, etc. choices are almost limitless. The finishing of a Cape can vary from buttoned, clasp closure, arm slits, hood, collar to colour coded or contrast edging.

Coats Swing Coats
Evening Cape / Cloak / Wrap is traditionally a cover to keep you warm or as a dust cover for your ball gown during your journey to a ball / event / function. A Cape finished and embellished to compliment your gown gives you the opportunity to present yourself polished and extraordinarily fabulous ! Evening Cape Cloak

More Bodywarmers Sleeveless Jackets

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