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Bead Art Beaded Wire Art Sheetmetal BucketsHi.........thank you for popping in!

Beaded Wire Art often requires strong hands to shape an item:
This is usually done by men who work together with Bead Ladies
for the more intricate part of creating an item!

More Beaded Wire and Sheetmetal Art

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• Beaded Wire Proteas

• Beaded Wire Aloe

• Beaded Cigarette lighter cover
• Ndebele Zulu and Custom Designs


• Beaded Tealights
• Ndebele Zulu and Custom Designs

• Beaded Protea Tealight Candle Holder
Beaded Protea Flower Tealight Candle Holder

• Beaded Lanyards - SA Flag - Ndebele Zulu and custom designs

• Beaded Bracelets
• Beaded Anklets (Ankle Bracelets)
• Beaded Neck Collar
• Ndebele Zulu and custom designs

• Beaded Flags of the World


• Beaded Table Runner
• Wallhanging Ndebele Zulu and Custom designs

• Beaded SA Flag Bracelets
• Beaded SA Flag Ankle Bracelets
• Beaded SA Flag Neck Collars
• Ndebele Zulu and Custom designs
Beaded-Flag- Bracelets

• Beaded Aids Ribbon Beaded Aids Pin
• Beaded Aids Badge • Beaded Aids Bracelets
Beaded-Aids-Ribbon - Beaded-Aids-Ribbons-Pins-Badge-Flag-Bracelet

• Beaded Breast Cancer Ribbon
• Beaded Breast Cancer Bracelets
• Beaded Breast Cancer Pins

• Beaded Decor
• Ndebele Dolls

Bead Art Beaded Ndebele Dolls

• Christmas Decorations


• Beaded Jewellery


• Beaded Event Decor
• Beaded Logos
• Insectnets
• Beaded Keyrings
• Beaded Food covers


• Chinese vs Czech Seed Beads

Chinese and Indian Seed Bead - The (cheap) seed beads from China and India are less uniform than those from Japan or Czechoslovakia. That uneven quality makes them incredibly difficult to work with and often results in patterns being distorted. BulletMiniRedDue to the uneven pattern and sharp edges of the beads, the weaving thread is prone to breaking.BulletMiniRedWe do not accept responsibility for irregular patterns nor breakages for Chinese bead orders.

Czech Seed Bead Information
Czech seed beads are shaped like tiny donuts or bagels with nicely rounded edges, and are more uniform sized. Czech beads are beautiful in bead embroidery and in patterned loomwork such as Lanyards.BulletMiniRedWe use only experienced beaders to work with Czech beads, hence can guarantee excellent craftsmanship.

Lanyards measure approx. 75 cm (29.5") and the width approx. 1,5cm - strung by hand with a triangle pattern.   Each lanyard is handmade and an original work of art, therefore each piece is unique. 


• Beaded Flowers -French Beaded Flowers

Beaded Wire Flowers - Made in colour and size of your choice Beaded-Wire-Flowers

Beaded Wire Flowers in Sheetmetal Bucket Vase

Flowers and buckets made to your specifications.

Beaded Wire Flowers Sheetmetal Bucket Vase

Beaded Wire Flowers -

Colour - Shape - Size as specified by you!

Beaded Wire Flowers - 2

Custom Beaded Wire Flowers and Sheetmetal Bucket Vase

Custom Beaded Wire Flowers and Sheetmetal Bucket Vase

(french) Beaded Flowers


(french) Beaded Flowers

Bead Art | Beaded Flowers | Rose - yellow

(french) Beaded Center piece - Table Decor

Bead Art | Beaded Roses | Center Piece | Beaded Table Decor

(french) Beaded Flowers

Bead Art | Beaded Flowers | Rose

•Bead Artist

Bead Art | Bead Lady | Bead Artist

Margaret loves the challenge of creating commissioned
Bead Art such as
Custom Invitations - Banners - Logos - Gifts.
Margaret has an "Army" of Ladies she trained and
supervises who often leave their rural homes
and stay with her to complete an order.
All Beadwork is done by talented and skilled
rural Ladies and Wire Artists.
Every order contributes to support Families
and is greatly appreciated by our Artists.

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