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4x4 Bush Safari Fisherman’s Golf Golfer’s
Matric College School Club Team Uniform Artisan’s
non-flammable reversible
Wind Water Resistant Workwear Work wear
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Bodywarmer Softshell | Bodywarmers Softshell |
Softshell Sleeveless Jacket |
Softshell Sleeveless Jackets
Padded Bodywarmer | Padded Bodywarmers |
Padded Sleeveless Jacket |
Padded Sleeveless Jackets |
Quilted Bodywarmer | Quilted Bodywarmers |
Quilted Sleeveless Jacket |
Quilted Sleeveless Jackets
Polar Fleece Bodywarmer |
Polar Fleece Bodywarmers |
Polar Fleece Sleeveless Jacket |
Polar Fleece Sleeveless Jackets
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Water and Wind Resistant Sleeveless Jacket |
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Kids Sleeveless Jackets
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Winter Sleeveless Jackets
Cotton Bodywarmer | Cotton Bodywarmers |
Cotton Sleeveless Jacket | Cotton Sleeveless Jackets
Non-flammable Bodywarmer | Non-flammable Bodywarmers |
Non-flammable sleeveless Jacket |
Non-flammable sleeveless Jackets
Reversible Bodywarmer | Reversible Bodywarmers |
Reversible Sleeveless Jacket |
Reversible Sleeveless Jackets
4x4 Bodywarmer | 4x4 Bodywarmers |
4x4 Sleeveless Jacket | 4x4 Sleeveless Jackets
Bush Bodywarmer | Bush Bodywarmers |
Bush Sleeveless Jacket |
Bush Sleeveless Jackets
Safari Bodywarmer | Safari Bodywarmers |
Safari Sleeveless Jacket |
Safari Sleeveless Jackets |
Golf Golfer’s Bodywarmer | Golf Golfer’s Bodywarmers |
Golf Golfer’s Sleeveless Jacket |
Golf Golfer’s Sleeveless Jackets |
Matric College School Bodywarmer |
Matric College School Bodywarmers
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Matric College School Sleeveless Jackets
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Club Team Sport Sports Uniform Bodywarmers |
Club Team Sport Sports Uniform Sleeveless Jacket |
Club Team Sport Sports Uniform Sleeveless Jackets
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Details A body warmer, also known as a gilet, sleeveless jacket, or waistcoat, is a sleeveless jacket that is typically made of a warm material such as fleece or down. Body warmers are designed to provide extra warmth to the torso, without restricting movement. Body warmers are often worn as an outer layer, over a shirt or t-shirt, or as an inner layer, under a coat or jacket ►Body warmers are useful for a variety of activities, such as hiking, camping, skiing, snowboarding and other outdoor activities. Body warmers can also be worn for everyday activities, such as commuting to work or school ►Here are some of the benefits of using a body warmer: Body warmers provide extra warmth without being bulky or restrictive. ►Body warmers are lightweight and easy to pack ►Body warmers are available in a variety of colors and styles to suit your needs. ►Considering all benefits they are relatively inexpensive. ►If you are looking for a way to stay warm and comfortable on cooler days and cold weather a body warmer is a great option ►Here are some of the things to consider when choosing a body warmer: Body Warmer material: Body warmers are typically made of fleece, down, or polyester. ►Fleece is a good choice for warm weather, while down is a good choice for cold weather. Polyester is a good choice for all-weather use. ►The insulation: The amount of insulation in a body warmer will determine how warm it is. Body warmers with more insulation will be warmer, but they will also be heavier. ►The fit: Body warmers should fit snugly, but not too tightly. They should not restrict your movement. ►Features: Some Body warmers have features such as pockets, hoods, and reflective strips. Consider the features that are important to you when choosing a Body warmer.

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Eco friendly Bodywarmers Gilets Sleeveless Jacketsl

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Bodywarmers Sleeveless JacketsBodywarmers Gilets Sleeveless Jackets

Bodywarmers, Sleeveless, Jackets, Quilted, Polar Fleece

Bodywarmers Body Warmers Sleeveless JacketsHi.........thank you for popping in!

Body Warmers are available in many colours and colour combinations
Ex stock and Custom made Jackets

Bodywarmer - Sleeveless Matric Jackets

Utility Jackets Sleeveless WaistcoatsHand Pointer Down

Cotton or Polycotton

Utility Jackets
Sleeveless Waistcoats

Body warmers Sleeveless Jackets PaddedHand Pointer Down
This Bodywarmer Gilet Sleeveless Jacket Waistcoat Is the "Rolls Royce" of our Range. Durable, practical (machine washable) New Age Microfiber Peachskin outershell, padded and fully lined, Two inside Pockets and two zipped outside pockets. Made to order - Matric, School, College, Club, Team, Uniform, Jackets: Add custom waist ribbing and collar for a Jacket for all seasons. Lined with super Microfiber fleece this Jacket will any body warm.
Bodywarmers, Sleeveless, Jackets, Gilets, LinedHand Pointer Down

Custom Bodywarmer Gilet Sleeveless Jackets Waistcoats,

Outershell fabric options: Peachskin Microfiber - 100% non flammable Cotton - PolyCotton Twill - Softshell - Bonded Microfiber Lining options: MicroFleece (poodle fleece) extremely warm and durable - PolarFleece - Tafetta - Pongee - cotton (tshirt) Pocket options: Outside pockets as illustrated - inside pockets zipped/unzipped breast pockets

Body warmers Thick Poodle Fur LinedHand Pointer Down

Bodywarmers Gilets Sleeveless Jackets - Microfiber Shell (or any of the above mentioned fabrics)
& Poodle "fur" lining provides luxurious warmth.

Made to order - No MOQ required - Children's + Adult sizes

Durable - machine washable (comes out of the machine like new) - no pilling (boobles)

Body warmers, Sleeveless Jackets, Gilets ReversibleHand Pointer Down

Lightweight, machine washable Body warmers

• quick drying - Reversible Bodywarmer Out/Inside fabric of 100% ripstop nylon with silver coating / Polar fleece - Foldaway hood in collar - frint pockets with zipper - chest pocket with zipper - dreawstring with cordstoppers at the bottom - Inside: front pockets with zipper - embroidery and print access
through zipper in side seam

Body warmers, Quilted, Sleeveless Jackets, Gilets Hand Pointer Down
Quilted and padded Body warmer Gilet Sleeveless Jacket

Microfiber Outershell, lightweight padding, Taffeta Lining, 2 inside pockets,
2 zipped outer pockets.

Body warmers, Bonded Fleece, Faux SherlingHand Pointer Down
Water and Dust repellant, Faux Shearling or bonded fleece - Imitation suede Body warmers - This classic Body warmer Gilet Sleeveless Jacket is designed to be worn anytime anywhere.
Body Warmers Childrens Kids 6month to 13yrsHand Pointer Down
Children's - Kids - Body warmers -

Gilets - Sleeveless Jackets -

No MOQ required - 6 months to 13yrs

Polar Fleece - Microfiber - Bonded Microfiber Poodle "fur" lined


Artisans - 4x4x - Bush - Safari Utility Jackets - 100% Cotton
Body warmers Sleeveless 4x4 Artisans Utility Jackets Gilets WaistcoatsHand Pointer Down

Eco-friendly - 100% Cotton or PolyCotton
(many colours to chose from) Body warmers - Gilets - Sleeveless Utility Jackets - Waistcoats
Perfect for Artisans-Bush and Safari Enthusiast and all those who are permanently looking for pockets. These Jackets have enough pockets to make you loose; items in the Jacket!


Body Warmer - Polar Fleece Body Warmer -
Microfiber Body Warmer

Body warmers, Sleeveless Jackets Gilets Waistcoats Polar FleeceHand Pointer Down

Practical, machine washable, quick drying, durable Polar Fleece Bodywarmers Gilets Sleeveless Jackets with colour coded or contrast piping,

Body warmers Lightweight Wind Resistant Golf Golfer's Sleeveless JerseyHand Pointer Down

Microfiber Peachskin - Wind resistant Bodywarmer Gilet Sleeveless Jacket

Airtex lined with colour coded or contrast ribbed neckline, sleeve and waist.

Great for Golfers. Folds into a tiny packet

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