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Bemoci's Wine aroma kitWine aroma kit

Wine Aroma kit

Wine aroma kit

The WINEAROMAKIT® - "know your nose" -

capturing 22 of the most common aroma's found in

South African red and white wines,

the WINEAROMAKIT® is the ideal

accessory for all wine lovers.

Use the kit to enhance your ability to

recognise and name these aroma's,

so that you no loner have to imagine how the Cherry in a

Merlot smells or the Lime in a Chardonnay!

The WINEAROMAKIT® includes 22 aroma's approved by

a panel of Cape Wine Masters,

250 aroma strips for effective "nosing" of aroma's and

a guide on how to use the aroma's in wine tasting and

getting to "know your nose".

The aromas are presented in a beautiful handcrafted wooden box!

R795.00 per kit

The glass lid gives you the opportunity to

brand or personalize (sandblast) the box

and retain the sophisticated appearance of the kit !

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