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Bush Safari Bags Clothing

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• Bush Safari Bags

Bush, Safari, Fanny Packs, Belt, Bum, Hip, Wais, Bags, Pouches, Purses.
- This Cotton, Canvas, Hip, Waist, Bag, is the one you have for life.

Perfectly sized to fit all your Paraphernalia including documents you may need for a Daytrip Exursion.

Get it plain or Customized Personalized

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Bush, Safari, Cotton, Canvas, Fanny, Packs, Moonbags, Belt, Bum, Hip, Waist, Bags, Pouches, Purses

A • Natural • ShweShwe • Cotton • Shopping or
Drawstring Bag is an essential in and around a Bush • Safari Camp • Game Drives • Bush Hikes Day Trips.

Use it for Shopping • Daytrips • These ShweShwe • Tote • Drawstring Bags make a good looking
and unique Souvenir as well.

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Bush, Safari, ShweShwe, Tote, Bags, Gift, Souvenir, Bags

Natural • Cotton Bush Safari Bags Galore
• all shapes and sizes • Customized • personalized.
• Eco-friendly • Biodegradable • Compostable Bags
Suitable for printing - embroidery

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Bush, Safari, Cotton, Canvas, Bags, Eco, friendly, Biodegradable, Compostable, Bags

Our Duffelbags, are available in many colours and sizes.

• Bush • Safari • Travel • Cotoon Canvas
• Barrel Duffelbags

Bush Trips and Safaris often requires packing as little
Clothing and the bare minimum on "essentials".

Because "bare Essentials" can mean different things
to different people, Tour Guides and Operators
stipulate what you can take in kilograms.

Hence you do not want a heavy bulky bag that consitutes
of half the weight you are allowed on the Trip.

A Cotton Canvas Barrel Duffelbag is
the most practical Bush Safari Adventbag:

They are: Natural • Strong • Durable
(probably the only Duffelbag you ever have to buy)
• Washable and can easily be • Customized •
Personalized with • Printing or • Embroidery.

Bush, Safari, Cotton, Canvas, Bags, Barrel, Duffel, Travel, BagsBush, Safari, Cotton, Canvas, Bags, Navy, Barrel, Duffel, Travel, Bags
Cotton Canvas • Drawstring Sailor • Duffel • Travel Bags.

These Sailor Duffelbags, have the same characteristics as the Barrel Bags, are however often smaller and practical for Short or Weekend Trips. The Shoulder Straps make them ideal for Trips where one has to walk and carry Luggage to the final destination Camp / Cabin.
Bush, Safari, Cotton, Canvas, Bags, Sailor, Drawstring, Duffel, Travel, BagsBush, Safari, Cotton, Canvas, Bags, Drawstring, Sailor, Duffel, Travel, Bags, Shoulder, Straps


• Bandanas - Caps - Hats - Sun Visors

Bush • Safari • Caps
• Embroidered Souvenir Caps & Hats

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Bush, Safari, Sun, Hats, Caps, Sun, Visors, Embroidered

• Bush • Safari • Natural Cotton • Sun • Hats • Caps &
• Sun Visors

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Bush Safari Natural Cotton Sun Hats Caps Sun Visors

• Cotton • Tie back • Bandanas can be worn on their own or under a hat because they have
natural moisture absorbing abilities.
Can be printed / embroidered

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Bush, Safari, Cotton, Bandanas, Tie, Back, Bandanas
• BUFF•olos are a •MUST HAVE for
• outdoor activities
• BUSH and • SAFARI adventures
•Their ability to be used as a • Scarf
• Headwrap • Headband • Bandana • Wristwrap
• Wristband • Durag • Sweatband make them
indispensable for Summer and Winter activities.

• BUFF•olos • Standard BUFFolos / Multifunctional Tubular • Scarves • Bandanas • Headwear
are • PolyCotton • Microfiber or • Cotton knit.

They are suitable for Screenprinting
and Dye-Sublimation

Bush, Safari, BUFF.olos, Multifunctional, Headwear, Headwraps, Scarf, Scarves

Dye-Sublimated • Personalized
• Customized • BUFF • olos

Tubular Multifunctional Headwear Headwrap Scarves

Bush, Safari, Custom, Printed, BUFF.olos, Multifunctional, Headwear, Tubular, Headwraps, Scarf, Scarves
Bandanas • Square • These are great for Team Events and any other activity you may want use it as a light • Scarf • Headband • Headwrap
Bush, Safari, Cotton, Bandanas, Square
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• Bush Safari Clothing
• Cotton Bush Safari Clothing versus Polyester
Bush, Safari, Clothing, Cotton, Polyester
Best Bush Safari Clothing Fabrics and their characteristics
Bush,Safari, Best, Clothing, Fabrics
• Bush • Safari
• Blouses Shirts Cotton Fabric Options
Bush, Safari, Blouses, Shirts, Fabric, Options
2 Tone • Cotton • Bush • Safari • Shirts
• Colour Options
Bush, Safari, Cotton, 2, Tone, Shirts
Camo Bush Safari Shirts
Camo, Bush, Safari, Shirts
100% • Cotton •Bush •Safari •Shirts and •Blouses
Plain colours
Bush-Safari, Cotton, Blouses, Shirts
Quick Dry •Polyester •Bush •Safari •Blouses & Shirts
•Their very quick dry ability makes them perfect for Bush Safari Trips and Adventures where luggage space is limited. A quick handwash makes these garments as fresh a morning dew in no time at all
Bush, Safari, Quick, Dry, Blouses, Shirts

•Cotton or •Viscose (wood fiber) •Bush •Safari
•Tunics •Dresses •Long Length •Ladies •Shirts are the most valuable item of clothing a Lady can wish for on a Bush, Safari trip. It has natural moisture management abilities, hence makes it comfortable. The styling makes it the most versatile clothing item you have packed.

Can be printed or embroidered personalized and customized to make it a Souvenir as well.

Bush, Safari, Cotton, Dresses, Tunics, Long, Shirts

100%, Cotton •Denim •Blouses & Shirts • Denim: •Natural
•Comfortable • Durable always fashionable and practical

Bush Safari Cotton Denim Blouses Shirts

• Cotton •T Shirts •Golf Shirts

Naturally no Bush Adventure Trip Safari Packing List is complete without the humble T Shirt or Golf Shirt

redbulletEco T Shirts redbulletCotton Golf Shirts

Bush Safari Eco Cotton T-Shirts Golf Shirts

Bush Safari 4x4 • Sleeveless Jackets • This 100% heavy duty •Cotton •Jacket has long been the one and only item no Artisan, nor Adventurer leaves home without.
The multipocketed Jacket, becomes home to tools and other Paraphernalia one may want to have handy at all time.

Can be printed or embroidered - personalized, customized, to make it a Souvenir as well. Available in many colours and earth tones.

Bush, Safari, 4x4, Sleeveless, Jackets



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