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We offer ECO FRIENDLY Products in every category!

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Let us print one or all of our designs - submit your own - or make the bags as garish.. scary..pretty..as you want them to be, yourself!

All Bags are suitable for Hand painting and all kinds of other Crafts.

•Cotton •Hessian Jute Burlap •Non Woven Bags are suitable for printing and Machine / Hand Embroidery!

Halloween Drawstring Decor Gift Favour Craft Kraft Goodie Loot Trick or Treat Party Bags Hand-Pointer-Down

Cotton Halloween Bags Drawstring Bags

Loot Goodie Decor Trick or Treat Tote Party Craft Kraft Bags

Eco Bags - Eco friendly - Biodegradable Bags

Since Halloween is celebrated and enjoyed by Toddlers Teenagers and Adults
gifting a personalized Embroidered Trick or Treat or Loot Bag to last a Lifetime, makes sense

Halloween Bags Drawstring Embroidered

PIck any of the above featured designs to create your own
Eco Biodegradable Compostable
Cotton Drawstring Trick or Treat or Loot Bag!

Halloween Hessian Jute Burlap Drawstring Loot Trick or Treat Bags Hand-Pointer-Down
Halloween Bags Hessian Jute Burlap Drawstring Tote Loot Decor Trick or Treat Party Craft Bags Eco Eco friendly
Biodegradable Bags
Halloween Now Woven Loot Trick or Treat BagsHand-Pointer-Down

Non Woven Polypropylene Halloween Bags Tote Loot Decor
Trick or Treat Party Craft Bags

Eco friendly Recyclable Bags

Halloween Paper Decor Gift Favour Goodie Loot Trick or Treat Party Craft Kraft  Bags Hand-Pointer-Down

Brown - White - Paper - Halloween Bags - Tote - Loot - Decor - Trick or Treat - Party - Craft - Bags

Eco Bags - Eco friendly - Biodegradable Bags

Halloween Safe Flame Candles Lanterns Hand-Pointer-Down
Halloween Candles - Safe Flame - Flameless - Candles - Get them with orange sleeves, or orange cores and decorate them as little or much you like ! These Party Lights, without the restriction of Fairly Lights cable (usuallyy shortage). Use them indoors and/or outdoors, as stand alone or hanging candles ! Let these earn you the, Party King, Party Queen, Title without having to say a word! Reuse...Re-Decorate...Bling them up...to suit any Party, Event, Festival Theme and/or colour Scheme....Halloween Safe Flame Candles are great for anyone going Trick or Treating! They can be carried or hung around the Neck.......to ensure hands free Looting. If you need once off Decor lightning GLOWSTICKS
( not eco friendly) may be an option for you!

Enjoy your own Party....Event....without having to worry about.....accidents....fires.....wax spills and burns.......Guest and Pets tripping over or get caught in Cables......Rain Showers.....most of all your Party will not end....due to no Electricity! Loadshedding, Power outages...are part of Life in South Africa and have to be considered when planning a Party, Event, Festival, Market....requiring Lights! Our unique and versatile Safe Flame Flameless Candles are a must for any Party...Wedding...Venue, Lodge, Resort, Moonlight Market...use them in the Bush....on Safari....They will earn you the reputation of being the best Venue....Party....Wedding.....Safari....Tour....Organizer....amongst many! The Candles are designed for standard, battery operated, Tealight Candles, with replaceable batteries! Safe Flame - Flameless - Candle - Cores are available in Primary Colours - or with Sleeves made and printed / embroidered / embellished....to your specifications!

Halloween Party Lights

Halloween Decor Lights

Eco friendly Halloween BagsHalloween Bags Eco Bags

All Bags are available in standard/custom sizes !

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