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99.9% out of a 100% we are able to give clients what they are looking for. We stock a huge variety styles, colour and colour combinations.Classic funky •lumo Cotton •Camo •Microfiber
•Caps •Hats •Sunvisors •BUFFolos •Multifunctional
•Adults and •Children's •Headwear.
•Sports caps •Bucket (van der Merwe) Hats •Cuban Hats •Fedora's
•Fidel (castro) Hats •Gatsby •Poor Boy Caps
•Panama •Straw •Cowboy •Fisherman Hats and Hat Bands

•The •Ranger's •Worksman's
•Hats have a band fashioned to hold a lot of tools and paraphanelia
you may need or want to have with you but find yourself without the necessary additional pair of hands to do so.


•Caps • Embroidered SA Souvenir •Caps & Hats
• Baseball Caps • Sports Caps

Embroidered Caps Hats

•Caps • Baseball Caps • Sports Caps •
Designs and colour combinations may vary

Suitable for: Hand Pointer Down

Caps-Classic-6-Panel-Cotton-CapsHand Pointer Down
Classic 6panel heavy brushed cotton Caps
Caps-6-Panel-Brushed-Cotton-CapsHand Pointer Down
SANDWICH 6 panel heavy brushed cotton Caps.

Caps-6-Panel-Brushed-Cotton-CapsCaps-6-Panel-Brushed-Cotton-CapsHand Pointer Down

Caps-6-Panel-Brushed-Cotton-Caps-VSlitCaps-6-Panel-Brushed-Cotton-Caps-WvHand Pointer Down

6 panel heavy brushed cotton Caps

Many colours colour combinations and styles to choose from

•Knitted •Beanies & •Scarves •Club
•Sports Scarves •School •Team Scarves
Suitable for:
Beanies Scarves Custom KnittedHand Pointer Down
Custom Knitted Beanies Gloves Scarves
Childrens Kids Beanies Gloves KnittedHand Pointer Down
Kids Children's Knitted
Beanies & Gloves
Black & Navy

Beanies: •Burgundy •Bottle Green •Royal Blue• Pink •Red

Beanies Gloves Scarves KnittedKnitted Beanies Gloves Scarves

Beanies Knitted BeaniesHand Pointer Down

Standard Adult size knitted

•Black •Royal Blue •Bottle Green •Stone •Navy •Red •Burgundy

Beanies: •Black •Neon Yellow •Purple •Lime •Neon Orange •Orange •Pink •Sky Blue
•Grey •Turquoise •White •Yellow •Emerald,

Due to the fine (not ribbed) knit, the
•Beanies •Scarves and •Gloves
are suitable for embroidery.

Alternative Branding:
Custom Labelling

Beanies Knitted PomPom BeaniesHand Pointer Down
Knitted •Beanies with •PomPom.
•Stone •Black •Navy •Red •Yellow •Royal Blue

Due to the fine (not ribbed) knit,
the •Beanies are suitable for embroidery.

Alternative Branding: Custom Labelling

Scarves Team School Supporter Jaquard Knitted ScarvesHand Pointer Down
•Fan •Club •Team •Supporter •School •Scarves
•Jaquard Knit Custom knitted •Scarves,
Beanies Knitted BeaniesHand Pointer Down
•BEANIES •Knitted •KNITTED •Skull Caps.
Cotton-BeaniesHand Pointer Down

• Eco and Skin friendly natural
•Cotton moisture management
SA Flag Striped Beanies Scarves| Original-WCup-2010Hand Pointer Down
•SA South Africa •Flag KNITTED •Striped •Beanies •Scarves
Also known as •Zuma Scarves or
•Soccer World Cup 2010 •Scarves
SA South Africa Flag Scarves KnittedHand Pointer Down
•Original (WC 2010)
•Knitted SA South Africa Flag •Scarves.
More SA Flag Clothing Gifts Supporter Club Team Wear


• Beanies •Gloves •Scarves
•POLAR FLEECE • Beanies •Gloves •Scarves
Polar Fleece is suitable for:

MiniBullet MiniBullet MiniBullet

Beanies Gloves Scarves Polar Fleece Charcoal YellowHand Pointer Down

Polar Fleece Beanies Gloves Scarves Black Orange Stone RoyalHand Pointer Down

Beanies Gloves Scarves Polar Fleece Olive Red Navy BottleHand Pointer Down

•POLAR FLEECE •Beanies •Scarves •Gloves

•Black •Charcoal •Yellow •Royal Blue •Navy •Orange
•Stone •Olive •Red •Navy • Bottle Green

Suitable for: Embroidery and/or Labelling

Scarf Scarves Printed Polar FleeceHand Pointer Down
•Club •Team •Supporter •School •Scarves

Single and double volume.


Aprons - Bandanas - BUFFolos - Multifunctional Headwear
Bandanas Neckerchiefs Triangular SkinnyHand Pointer Down

•Bandanas •Neckerchief
Triangular or Skinny

Suitable for

MiniBullet MiniBullet


Bandanas Triangular Dye SublimatedHand Pointer Down

Triangualar Customized Persoalized

Dye Sublimated Bandanas

Bandanas Triangular CottonHand Pointer Down

One size fits all - Cotton

Plain colour / Printed / Embroidered

Triangular Bandanas

Cat Dog BandanasHand Pointer Down
•Cat •Dog Bandanas
Customized Personalized
to your specifications
Printed-BandanasHand Pointer Down

•Custom Printed •Square •BANDANAS •Suitable for:

BandanasHand Pointer Down

BANDANAS plain colours Suitable for:

MiniBullet MiniBullet

Aprons-BandanasWaiters Half ApronsHand Pointer Down
•APRONS • Waiters Half Aprons
•Fitted tie back Bandanas
•Skull, Caps
Suitable for:

MiniBullet MiniBullet
BUFFoloHand Pointer Down
•BUFF-olos •Tubular Cotton & seamless •Microfiber
•Multifunctional• Headwear
Printed-BandanasHand Pointer Down

•Custom Printed •Square •BANDANAS •Suitable for:

BUFF-olo-Multifunctional-HeadwearHand Pointer Down
•BUFF-olos •Multifunctional Headwear
•wearing options.
Buff_olo - Bandana - Multifunctional HeadwearHand Pointer Down
What is Microfiber?.......Care.....Microfiber vs Cotton

BUFF-olo, Bandanas, Tubular, Cotton, Microfiber, Multifunctional, Headwear, Scarf, Scarves.

BUFF-olos, Microfiber, Custom, Coloured, Custom, Printed, Wrap around, Step and Repeat, PrintHand Pointer Down

•BUFF-olos •Poly •Microfiber •Custom •Coloured and •Custom Printed,

•Wrap around •Step and Repeat Print

BUFF-olos, 100%, Cotton, Screen, Printing Hand Pointer Down

•BUFF-olos •100% Eco •Cotton • 4 Standard Primary •Colours
Suitable for

of a single •Logo or •Slogan.

NOT suitable for:


What is •Microfiber ?

•Cotton versus •Microfiber


• Pashminas
Pashmina Pashminas Printed Hand Pointer Down

•Pashminas are available in plain colours
and custom branded:


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Classic, funky, lumo, camo, cotton, microfiber, microfibre, caps, hats, sunvisors, BUFFolos, multifunctional, adults and children's headwear.

Sports caps, Cuban hats, Fedora's, Fidel (castro) hats, Gatsby, Poor Boy caps, Panama, Straws, Cowboy, Fisherman, Fisherman's,

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Polar Fleece Beanies

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Knitted Beanies. Knitted Gloves. Knitted Scarves

Caps, Baseball Caps, Hats, Peaks, Sunvisors, Sports Caps.

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Bandanas - Bandana - Buff, Buffs

Cotton, versus, Microfiber.

What is, Microfiber?

Bush Buff, Bush Buff's, Safari Buff, Safari Buffs

BUFFolo - BUFFolos

Multifunctional, Headwear

Pashmina, Pashminas

Printed, Pashminas. Customized, Personalized, Pashminas. Plain colour Pashminas. Custom coloured Pashminas.

Tie Back Bandana - Tie Back Bandanas

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Helmet Bandana - Helmet Bandanas

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